Helping disadvantaged

Activities in Guildford, Surrey


Talent Aid has been organising a number of training courses, seminars and workshops for its clients, trustees and volunteers with the help of funds received from Awards for All, England, the European Union’s Global Grants and assistance in all forms from Surrey Community Action and Talent Aid members. These training programmes aim at preparing our clients for employment and providing skills to trustees and volunteers to enable them discharge their duties more efficiently.


Other Activities


Our organisation also organises activities that promote healthy living, especially through sports, community cohesion and cultural diversity.


International Activities


Talent Aid also reaches out to deprived communities in Ghana. In particular, we have supplied laboratory equipment to a number of schools in remote areas in the Volta Region with the help of LabAid Trust, a UK charity. In addition, Talent Aid is constructing a library for primary and junior secondary schools in Vume-Kpoviadzi, a rural community in Ghana, with funding from Ghana Schools Aid, also a UK based charity.


Overseas Activities

Talent Aid’s activities are not limited to Surrey. The organisation has already shipped books, used clothes and other items for donation to schools in the North Tongu District of Ghana where it is carrying out a pilot project. More significantly it is carrying out a school library project in the district on behalf Ghana School Aid, a UK based charity made up of retired teachers who used to work in Ghana before the country attained independence. TAID also donated laboratory equipment to schools in the district in Ghana on behalf of LabAid, another UK based charity.