Helping disadvantaged

Talent Aid 

Talent Aid came into existence as a voluntary organization in 2004, was registered in July 2005 as a charitable company limited by guarantee, and then granted full charity status in June 2006 by the Charity Commission, UK. It is a community response to addressing the gaps in harnessing the talent, skills and practical abilities of black and ethnic minority communities in Surrey so that they can fulfil their aspirations, enter gainful employment or acquire skills through purposeful activities such as volunteering. Additionally, the organization has been engaged in a number of activities in Ghana which will hopefully be extended to other developing countries. In view of all these, the objectives of Talent Aid are to advance education, relieve need, hardship and distress and provide facilities for recreation in the interests of social welfare in particular but not exclusively for the benefit of ethnic minority communities in Surrey. 

Our Vision 

Talent Aid foresees a future where the disadvantaged in every society will be empowered to live in dignity. This involves, among other things, the provision of facilities that will enable everybody realise their full potential. 

Our Mission 

Talent Aid organises training courses, recreational activities, sports programmes and cultural exhibitions for the benefit of ethnic minority communities and the disadvantaged in general in Surrey. 

Programmes and Activities 

In order to prepare our clients for employment, we organise for them activities that include job search, computer training, completing of application forms, preparation of CVs and up-dating them, courses aimed at preparing job seekers for interviews and job-seeking techniques. We also organise cultural activities such as art and craft exhibition, cultural music and dance and African, Asian and Latin American cloth designs. Our activities in sports include healthy living through sports and keep fit, and talent hunt among the youth, especially in schools and colleges.