Helping disadvantaged

Talent Aid Unveils Plans for 2009

1st January 2009  

The management committee of Talent Aid have resolved to take steps towards making the organisation more dynamic and busier in 2009. At a meeting with trustees and some volunteers of the organisation, the Chairman, Mr Alfred Cudjoe, called on his colleagues to do their best to help their organisation achieve its aim of helping the disadvantaged in society. To achieve this, he said, Talent Aid will in the course of the year recruit more members, organise more regular meetings and increase the number of its activities. He also appealed to grant awarding institutions to help Talent Aid achieve its noble objectives. 

The meeting, the organisation’s first in the year, was held at 86 Park Barn Drive. Present were Dr Durga Aryal, a trustee, Mr Ebenezer Agbanu, treasurer, Mr Jorge Zinera, a volunteer, and Mrs Rita Yeboah, member of Talent Aid. 

Awards for All Gives to Talent Aid

14 August 2008 

For the second time since its formation, Talent Aid has benefited from funding from Awards for All, the Big Lottery Fund. The amount, £3,250 is to enable the organisation organise training courses for its trustees and volunteers, buy a photocopier and printer and develop its website. The first time Awards for All gave a grant to Talent Aid was in January 2006 when to organisation was given £5,000 for its first activities that included the running of its first IT course for its clients.