Helping disadvantaged



Sometime in 2004 the plight of members of the minority community and the disadvantaged in general in Guildford became the concern of some young men and women. Of particular concern was the fact that while it was relatively easy for some people to get employed after their education others with the same or even higher qualification never get employed. The victims of this situation are mostly members of the so-called black and ethnic minority communities. It is a situation that is not limited to Guildford but widespread throughout the UK and, in fact, the whole developed world.


Another issue of concern to these young men and women is the realisation that some items like food, clothing, books and valuable equipment that are thrown away in the UK and other industrialised countries could have been sent to places where they are badly needed. Interestingly resources used in destroying these items could have been used in transporting them to countries where they are needed.


The above situations and many others prompted these concerned young men and women to form a voluntary organisation to bring together members of these disadvantaged communities so they can put their acquired skills and knowledge to more purposeful use and, where necessary, help others to acquire skills that will enable them enter into gainful employment. It is also the objective of Talent Aid to help put at the disposal of needy people in developing countries items and equipment that are to be thrown away or destroyed in developed countries.


We Are Open to All


Talent Aid has over the years matured into a full charity and we have organised a number programmes in Guildford, Surrey, where we are based. These included IT courses and programmes that will help our members in their search for gainful employment. We have also organised cultural exhibitions, healthy living programmes and other social events. The importance we attach to our overseas programmes also prompted us to supply books and laboratory equipment to some needy schools in Ghana with the help of some UK based charities.


This is a gradually developing group and we invite all those who believe in our objectives and are interested in volunteering to join us. We are an independent group with no political or religious affiliations. Those who would like to benefit from our services too are welcome to register with us.